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Direct Micro Expelling for Fresh Coconut Oil

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“Empowering and bringing hope”

We invented the Direct Micro Expelling (DME) technology in 1994 to take coconut processing back to the farms where the nuts are grown. Here families are able to produce DME Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (DME-EVCO) within one hour of opening a coconut! The oil is perfectly natural, organic, of mild flavour and aroma — it is simply brilliant! Taste the difference!

Kokonut Pacific has set up DME Systems across the Pacific, Indonesia, India PNG, Solomon Islands, Africa and in the Indian Ocean with dramatic effects on the lives of local communities. This is Full and Fair Trade at its best. They are producing a superb quality of oil which is beginning to flow to the international market in significant quantities. The Systems and some of the oil produced has  been Certified Organic by NASAA (AQIS and IFOAM accredited). We now have bulk DME-EVCO available.

Kokonut Pacific's DME System benefits us all

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Small Business Opportunities

Do you live in a remote area, have lots of coconut trees, and would you like to produce your own Virgin Coconut Oil, read more...

Biofuel Stories

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Fair Trade

Kokonut Pacific supports the fair trade industry. Read more about our Fair Trade commitment here.

DME has set a new Standard for coconut oil, in production and in quality.

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