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DME Equipment and Costs

The equipment provided by Kokonut Pacific consists of the robust rack and pinion SAM™ Press with its interchangeable stainless steel cylinders and pistons; two electric graters (230 V 370 W); plus collection, measuring and cleaning tools and Trainer’s Manual. This equipment weighs about 100 kg.

However, as explained above, in order to avoid the problems of an ‘orphan’ site and to gain economies of scale, a DME unit should operate within a ‘DME system’. The minimum cluster for an area should be 3 units. (For costing see below) . Installation includes a factory building that is supplied by the purchaser at local prices. A fully economic project is likely to involve 10 to 100 DME units. Overheads for training remain relatively constant with larger projects.

Because DME Coconut oil is produced at the farm level, the prime markets will be local and domestic markets. This allows communities to substitute their own oil for imported cooking oil, cosmetic oil, and soap and as kerosene and diesel substitutes for lamps and engines.

As production exceeds domestic needs, producers will be seeking export markets. For this reason, Kokonut Pacific is now seeking markets for DME oil from South Pacific and Asian countries that have met domestic market needs and have established regular collection and export quality assurance programs. Initially the shipments will be in 200 litre drums. Delivery dates depend on supplies and customer requirements.

See bottom of page for further information on the this subject

The Complete DME Kit consists of

  • The Press Kit
  • DME Graters
  • DME Stainless Steel Kit
  • DME Ancillaries

DME Press Kit

Basic DME press  kit

  • Press
  • 2 cylinders
  • Pistons
  • Bolt pack
  • 2 Graters (see below)
  • Shipping Weight 35Kg

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DME Coconut Graters

Two graters are supplied with a DME basic press kit.

  • Grater motor 1/2 Horsepower (.375Kw) 220-240 volts 50Hz
  • Stainless steel bowl
  • 2 grater heads with two spare sheaths
  • Bolt pack and rubber gasket
  • Shipping Weight 12Kg

These graters are available for purchase. Such purchases can be made on the Niulife shopping cart. On the KP site and on the cart there should be the phrase ”For overseas purchases & freight costs, please contact us for a quote. ”

DME Stainless Steel Kit

A highly accurate laser-cut stainless steel kit (components are 0.55mm to 0.75mm depending on their purpose) is supplied ready for folding. This  needs to be complemented with two 1.2M x  2.4M x 2mm SS sheets for drier top that would normally be acquired locally.

  • Furnace door parts
  • Loader parts
  • Drain
  • 4 tossers
  • Bolt pack
  • Shipping weight on plastic pallet 10Kg


DME Ancillaries

Basic Kit is supplied with press and graters for a new site

  • Bowls, inside and outside brushes
  • Scales and measuring bowls
  • Stirrup, corkscrew and gloves
  • Training manuals we have 3 versions, books, computer CD's and DVD's
  • Bolt and rivet packs
  • Two Tubes of Food Grade Silicone
  • Shipping weight packed 8.5Kg


Typical Single Unit DME factory

Contact us for details

  • Nut Splitting area
  • Grating area
  • Recording area
  • Drier
  • Pressing
  • Storage

Capital Cost Calculator

See the Site economics calculator first and make sure your business is viable.

Use the following Calculator to approximate the cost of one unit. Prices given are in US Dollars but you can select your country and the exchange rate and view the prices in your own currency. Change figures to local prices where stated.

1. Select your country  

2. Next click here



1 Complete DME Kit  
7M x 8M Factory with concrete floor 
Factory Roof at local prices 
Drier excluding Stainless Steel Top 
2 x Stainless Steel Sheets
15 x 20L Pails for Oil Storage 
2.7Kw 240v Generator if no mains power 
Air freight  
Air fares for Training  
Other possible costs  
3. After making changes re-total and see the cost in your own currency.    


$6000 ex-Canberra (excludes local agent’s fee – if any)
$3000 Change this to suit your own local prices  more...

$800 Enter your local prices (see diagram above)   more...
$2400 Made from cement bricks and steel   more...
$6002 x 2.4M x 1.2M x 2mm 304 grade   more...
$150 Pails must have good lids, local products will do   more...
$2000 Put $0 if you don't need one   more...
$1200 Between $800-$1600 (see freight calculator below)
$6000 10 days training on site @ $600/day (optional)    more...
$3000 Depending upon location (optional) $2000-$4000
E.g. Contingencies; Customs duties; local freight etc.
$24300 US Dollars Total

Freight Weight Calculator





  • Allow a pallet for every consignment
  • Wooden Pallets are free but Weigh 23Kg
  • Plastic Pallets cost $40 but weight 8Kg
  • There are normally two graters with each installation

Press Kits

Total weight Kg

A DME Kit packed for shipment

Graters (2 per press)

Total Volume M

Stainless Steel Kits

Air Equivalent Kg
(volume weight)

DME Ancillaries Kit

No of Pallets



Check your economic viability with our Site Economic calculator

Work through the small business criteria to see if this is compatible with your situation

Learn about the DME System

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