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DME Site Economics Calculator

    This is a simple calculator to give you an idea of some of the economic viability of your business. The economics of DME generally improves the further away you are from the town. Close to town the nut prices are higher and good mature nuts are hard to get. Also labour costs are much higher nearer town. The advantage of being near a town is that you have a bigger market. For further information contact us, see our Frequently Asked Questions and check out Site Considerations.  Remember secondary or downstream processing of your product such as bottling the oil, making soap or coconut meal into chicken pellets and making coconut shell into charcoal briquettes can greatly increase your profits.

The figures shown are average, put your own figures in after reading the notes and click the 'Calculate' button. (The $ sign shows we are dealing with currency - your local currency). Profit/Loss is based on figures you enter. Loss is shown in RED.  Then keep entering new figures until you get satisfactory results pressing the Calculate button each time.

  1. Write your currency symbol here eg $, Rp, L, NZ$ etc. NOTE: You can type numbers only into the boxes and the currency symbol will add automatically (Refresh F5)





Cost of one nut

The cheapest you can get your nuts for, buying from a plantation or put in the  cost of growing your own nuts

Cost to produce 1 Litre of oil

No of workers

5 people for learning, 4 average, 3 expert 


Cost to run factory for 1 hour

$/hour salary for each worker

The local farm wage rate per hour or what you would pay. If you pay by the litre produced then put zero here and add the payment to the Overhead Costs per Litre

Profit or Loss per litre

How many Nuts to the Litre?

6 - 8 for 200mm dia

12 - 15 for 100mm dia

16 - 20 for 80mm dia

Profit or Loss per hour


Oil Selling price per litre?

What price can you sell a litre of oil for? Try to sell a bit cheaper than the local cooking oil price.

Profit or Loss per 40 hour week

What price can you sell a Kg of meal  for?

This is normally $0.50 to $1.00/Kg sold as cooking ingredients, animal food, chicken pellets etc

Litres per 40 hour week

Overhead costs $/Litre

Freight, electricity, fuel, loan repayments. If you pay workers by the litre then put the cost here and put zero above in workers salary per hour. Average $0.25 - $0.50 per litre

No of coconuts used per 8 hour day

Litres per hour produced on a 4.8 Meter Drier

2 - 3 Learning
4 - 5 Average - usually after 1 - 3 months experience
6 - 7 Expert - usually after 3 - 6 months experience

No of coconuts used per month (21 x 8 hour working days)



Your tree resource

Resource Available


How many trees per hectare?

1 hectare = 2.47 acres
Normally about 100 = 10 meter spacing

Nuts per day

How many nuts per bunch? This is your monthly crop.

Excellent =10-12
Average = 5-8
Poor = 2-4

Nuts per month

How many Hectares?

Your Tree Area

Nuts per year

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