Suppliers of direct micro Expelling Equipment



TEAR Australia is a Christian organization that supports development projects in third world countries. These range from agricultural programs to ensure food security, to medical clinics to improve health, to educational facilities and schools. It also invests time and resources into educating our own society about matters of inequality and injustice, helping local Christians to see how much they actually have compared with 90% of the world’s population. Supporters are encouraged to lobby governments to legislate so that everyone will have a fair go.

TEAR recognises the strategic importance of coconuts for tropical island communities and has paid for

  • The DME® Installation and training at Northern Christian Training Centre, Vanua Levu, Fiji (2004)
  • The press for the Bali Appropriate Technology Institute in Bali. Other costs were paid for by the SMEC Foundation.
  • A DME® installation for a Christian medical clinic in Maluku Province Indonesia
  • A DME® press installation for a community devastated by the Boxing Day tsunami in 2005
  • A press given to a Solomon Islander DME® operator when his original unit was totally washed away by a different tsunami.


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