Suppliers of direct micro Expelling Equipment

DME® checklist for small businesses

To check whether the DME® model is suitable for your small business, follow the steps below - and learn more about it as you go:

  • Read through our Frequently asked questions
  • Consider the DME® Business model - the DME® System
  • Know for sure how the economics of a DME®unit set up at your location would work. You can calculate this before you outlay any money by using our Site Economics Calculator
  • Find out what equipment you need to set up and what is supplied in the Kokonut Pacific kits
  • Use the Capital Cost calculator to calculate capital cost in your own currency
  • Read about other site considerations that you would need to think about
  • Learn more about Biofuel here
  • Look at further downstream products that you could market or become self-sufficient in
  • Learn about the Health benefits of Coconut Oil
  • Check up on some Fat facts and read some Frequently asked questions about coconut oil
  • Read other producer stories
  • Understand the meaning of Organic Certification
  • Read about how Kokonut Pacific started and meet the Kokonut Pacific team
  • Read about the history of coconut Oil in the Pacific and why other vegetable oils took the place of coconut oil
  • Have a look at the DME® flow chart 

You have followed all the steps and are keen to start the DME® experience?  Now is the time to contact us to get prices or other information specific to your area.

DME Checklist


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